Business Submission Guideline

Vietnam business is center of information exchanging, seeking economic news between individuals & business organization. Each of individuals and organization can visit to take the useful services for each of their aims or by themself to load their information for advertising to potential partners. You should take a few moments to understand these policies and the steps to add your business before you begin. Failure to understand and follow these instructions generally will result in the rejection of a submission.

Determine whether a site is appropriate for submission to the Vietnambusiness

  • Do not submit any site with an address outside Vietnam.
  • Submit your site with company name, Tel, Fax, address, website exactly.
  • Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory.
  • Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • Do a quick search in the directory at to be sure your site isn't already listed. This saves everyone time.
  • Identify the best business field for your site. The Vietnambusiness has an enormous array of subjects to choose from. You should submit a site to the most relevant business field. Sites submitted to inappropriate or unrelated business field may be rejected or removed.
  • Once you've selected the best business field for your site, go directly to that business on and then click "submit". Follow the instructions on the submission form carefully. Descriptions of sites should describe the key funtions of your company concisely and accurately.

An Vietnambusiness editor will review your submission to determine whether to include it in the directory. Depending on factors such as the volume of submissions to the particular business fields, it may take several days or more before your submission is reviewed. Please only submit a URL to the Vietnambusiness once. Disguising your submission and submitting the same URL more than once is not permitted. If a site has been accepted for inclusion in the directory but you are dissatisfied with how the site is described,you may send an e-mail to an editor for the business field explaining your disagreement. Be polite and civil -threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

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